Isle Full Of Noises

7 06 2013

mummers-2“Be not afeard.  The isle is full of noises.” – from The Tempest by William Shakespeare.

My first rule of marketing… If you have something great to say, don’t just say it.  Shout it from the rooftops!

Those rooftops must include every platform you have at your disposal… website, email, social media, print ads, signage… everything!  Whatever the message is – new product announcements, events, etc.  If it’s big you’ve got to hit em’ hard, loud and proud!

Creating good content is tough, and so many marketers miss opportunities to make their lives easier.  Big news can provide enough content carry you through several marketing cycles.  A store Grand Opening is not just a point in time, but an opportunity to bring great, positive information to an audience over a long period.  Simply sketched out…

One Week To Our Grand Opening!!Counting Down… Two More Days!! GRAND OPENING TODAY!!!  We Have The Mummers Here!!We’re Having So Much Fun, Let’s Make It A Party Weekend!!All Those Grand Opening Special Discounts?  Yeah, We’re Honoring Them All Month Long!!

(I make no apologies for my reckless use of the exclamation marks.  I’m excited… and they are free.)

The digital world is prime for a celebration.  Email, web and social require the same amount of planning as print ads and signage, but can and should be adjusted on the fly.  If things are going better than expected, let everyone know.  If it rains, let them know that too… but be positive.  “Sorry about the weather, folks, but the party is still going on!!!”

So get yourself together, and make a splash…

  • Website first… always!  This is where you want everyone to go, so start here!  Make a landing page with all of the important information about this great thing.  Update the page as information changes.  This landing page is your audience’s headquarters for this happening!
  • Have a blast with email!  Start getting the word out with a finely worded, visual email – with action items that send them to that website landing page for more information.
  • Wet whistles with Social!  Use Facebook ads, not just posts.  Tease with Twitter, and “Live Tweet” from an event.  Use all the platforms where your audience resides.  If promoting an event, set up a Foursquare location and reward check-ins.  Of course… lead everyone back to that awesome landing page!
  • Listen and Chat!  Keep tabs on the buzz you create, and don’t be afraid to join the party and dialogue with your audience.
  • Rinse, Lather, Repeat!  Update frequently on all fronts, until the news isn’t really news anymore.  And be aware of that fine line… the one between relevance and being a pain in the tuchas!

Granted, good content makes it all so easy.  But you have to recognize and seize these opportunities when they present themselves, and don’t be afeard to make some noise.

*** “Mummers” photo courtesy of fellow blogger – ohwhataworld… check her out!  I also make no apologies for being a Philly guy!