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“As I walk through this wicked world, searching for light in the darkness of insanity…” ~ Nick Lowe, via Elvis Costello

John Langan is currently Director of Marketing at the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, loving his role helping create growth opportunities for secondary school admissions and advancement for the past two years. And he has worn many hats in his thirty-five plus year career in the corporate identification business – from screen printer to graphic artist to customer service to marketing director. He is a marketing and communications professional with 25+ years of experience in brand management, managing print and digital advertising, corporate identification, trade shows, digital graphics and internal/external communications. He brings focused and unique perspective to B2B communications, helping people achieve success marketing products, services, and themselves.Most of John’s career has been spent as a supplier to the uniform rental and industrial laundry industry, providing insights into corporate identification and branding to Fortune 500 companies like Cintas and Aramark. His concentration over the past ten years has been content creation – email marketing, blogging and social media. In addition, he regularly advises businesses and non-profit organizations about their digital presence, and is a contributing blogger to several online entities. John is a member and frequent presenter in the monthly Doylestown Social Media Roundtable meetings. He is also a member of the Pennsylvania Writers Association (PennWriters), and presents “Digital Marketing for Authors” at their annual conference.

CubScoutMore personal… John is a Father, a Husband, a Brother, a Son, a Friend. He’s an American first, a Philly guy second, an Irishman through and through. He’s an SoB, a Founding Member, a Red Devil, an American Outlaw.

When there is no more marketing to be done in the day, John will be found somewhere near a soccer field in Philadelphia.

He also loathes people who refer to themselves in the third person.


5 responses

10 12 2015
Kathleen Fuchs

John, my name is Kathleen (yes I am 50% Irish), Fuchs. I am a retired high school English teacher, born and raised in the Finger Lakes of Upstate New York. We live in the woods here and watch the sunset on gorgeous Seneca Lake every night. For the last six years, I have been teaching English for a small college in Jacksonville, Florida. Your book, Ten Steps To Improving College Reading, is my favorite book textbook ever! I gave my students an extra credit assignment to write to you because they love this book too! I have never written to an author; I tried to contact you through Atlantic Cape Community College…well, you are the funniest and most enjoyable textbook writer I have ever encountered! Thank you for your humor and your subtle philosophical innuendos as well. You teach so much more than reading skills!

10 12 2015

Hi Kathleen… thanks so much for the kind words! However, you have me confused with another John Langan. Your “John Langan” is a tremendous author of textbooks, and I’m just a blustery blogger.

But thanks for making my day!

JL (the other)

23 07 2015

Good to know you.. John!!

25 01 2015
Mary Strange l

Love you Johnny Langan! I always wanted to write! Good Job!

25 01 2015

Just do it, Mary Elizabeth!

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