Enough Is Enough

2 10 2015

“Somehow this has become routine.” ~ President Obama

OregonI’ve been watching the Oregon school shooting coverage all night, and I’m sick to my stomach. Sick of the NRA, gun lobbyists and everyone supporting them and turning a blind eye. I’m sick of people manipulating the words in the constitution to support their own warped beliefs.

And I’m sick of our government officials – including our President – who lack the common sense, courage, conviction and – let’s just say it – the balls to do what is right. Strap a pair on…

Typically, I don’t take political or ideological stands in a public forum. I’d rather facilitate conversation, listen to the various viewpoints and walk down the middle of the road. But damn…

Enough is enough.

I remember very vividly after the Connecticut school shootings… just hours later. A friend did something I thought was very strange. He posted a photo of the various parts and accessories of an AK-47 assault rifle on Facebook. I should point out that he is a good guy, with children and grandchildren. But I was stunned, not by the agenda but by the insensitivity.

I silently asked… “What was the point you are trying to make? Did I completely miscalculate how much of an asshole you are?” What I should have asked was, “What if it was your child?”

Enough is enough.

If you disagree, feel free to comment below. Skew those numbers and statistics. Defend the indefensible… Have at it. Post those “guns don’t kill people, people kill people” bullshit memes you think are so clever.

And after that, feel free to disconnect with me. I no longer want that negativity. But please say goodbye, so I know exactly the kind of person you really are.

Peace and love…

PS… I wrote this on my phone at 2:00am, after binge watching CNN.¬†Apologies if it is a bit disjointed. But it needed to get out…