The Summer of Words

25 05 2015

This summer may be the busiest I have ever experienced. I’m at my desk looking at the calendar, contemplating how I’m going to do what I really want most… reading and writing.

writingThe craziness kicks off this week with a wedding that I AM OFFICIATING. The circumstances of how that came to be will be the subject of another post. But it is truly humbling to be asked, and I’ve spent most of the past week preparing for this great event.

After that I start a schedule of coaching soccer practices and games, Union soccer games, graduations and grad parties, birthdays, business trips, weekend shore trips, school reunions, bachelor parties… and five more weddings!! Oh, and work… both jobs!

At this point, you must be thinking, “Boo Frigging Hoo!” Please don’t misunderstand, I am not complaining. Clearly I am very fortunate to have a schedule full of fun and frivolity.

2015PWClogo2-300x196Last weekend I attended the Pennsylvania Writers Conference in Pittsburgh. It was a solid two days of education and inspiration about the craft and business of writing. My biggest takeaway was that I have to make a commitment to work at it. To write.

One of the conference speakers attempted to motivate us with this question… “Are you willing to say that you ALMOST wrote a book?”

I am not. So she succeeded in the motivation part.

I’ve been full of ideas this week… too many! So yesterday I cleared off the extremely cluttered desk at home, attempting to make a space for myself. I’m hoping that this physical organization leads to mental organization… we will see.

FullSizeRenderI’ve realized that the key is to understand and prioritize time, and commit. I am vowing to read more, to be inspired. Observe more, to see things differently. And share time with creative people, to be uplifted. I’m writing this blog post as a public promise to myself… hopefully those who read this will hold me to it.

Writing is no longer something I have to squeeze in between events. These things are my leisure, respite, and sometimes my inspiration.

After family, writing is life.




One response

29 05 2015

Too “wordy”. You could have just said, “I write, therefore I am”. Wait! What? I think I may have heard that somewhere. Drat!

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