Flippin’ Facebook

8 07 2014

cs9NN“I’ve had it with Facebook.” ~ John Q. Public

How many times have you heard this complaint? The constantly changing layout, hard to follow rules, more ads in your news feed, and the dwindling reach for company pages… flippin’ Facebook is a nightmare! Users can’t comprehend how Facebook has the nerve to make changes to the FREE site they love so much, and company page owners are mad that they now actually have to PAY for Facebook advertising. It’s exasperating!

Users need to relax. Breathe… Embrace the changes, because they are almost always designed to give you a more positive experience. The ads are the price you pay for using Facebook for free. And be honest, you get enough out of the Facebook experience to justify putting up with a few ads in your News Feed. The reality is that everyone has the right to make money – including the gods of Facebook. To think otherwise is Un-American! Truthfully, I can’t believe they took this long to end the free ride for company pages.

I’ve been speaking with a lot of small business owners about the decreasing reach of Facebook company posts. While we have been lamenting the decline, it should cause us to embrace and understand exactly what Facebook advertising can do. That “free” ride has been over for a while now, but Facebook is still the best way to target specific customers.

20130812-full1If you have been doing it correctly, you have built a Facebook following of the right people – people who want to do business with you. And you have been providing them with good content that helps grow your business. “Boosting” those great posts to your loyal “listeners” must now be a part of your budget. Low cost Promoted Posts not only reach your followers but can be expanded further to reach potential customers, by using specific demographic targeting and keywords – at very affordable prices.  I’m not saying that every post deserves boosting, because your core customers will probably visit your page frequently. Pick your spots and, most importantly, track your results.

Boosting works. Ads are similar, and certainly hit a wider audience. Think about spending $50 to reach 10,000 very specific people… Can that be accomplished with any other traditional B2C advertising method?

Whether you do a Facebook Ad or a Promoted Post, dedicate a portion of your marketing budget to make a big impact. If you are a small business it is a no-brainer. You’ll wonder why you weren’t doing this all along.

And quit yer whining…



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8 07 2014

Such a good post, and I’ve said a lot of the same things in the seminars I’ve given. We’ve tested Facebook ads with EnMart and discovered that the cost is reasonable, and the rate of return is very good. Now, we tend to do ads where we offer samples or something, and not just ads to generate likes, and I think that makes some difference, but the response from our target demographics has been very good.

I’m also very tired of the whining about how reach has decreased. Facebook is not a non-profit organization, and this was always going to happen.

8 07 2014

Thanks, Kristine. Same here… some of the small businesses I work with have had great success with targeting. We promoted a flea market event by targeting keywords like “garage sales”, “crafts”, “hobbies” etc. We got a huge response, and only spent $35. Crazy good results…

And I’m tired of whining in general. Just sayin’…

8 07 2014

I want to steal the dislike thumb for future use. I’m no business owner, small or otherwise, nor do I know what B2C stands for, but I’d like to add that from a consumer’s viewpoint, those business pages are crucial. I use them, first of all, and quite frequently. But also, there isn’t anything more annoying to me right now (other than bad grammar) than people trying to use their personal pages for both. I’m blocking and defriending left and right. Do it the right way, with a separate account. My two cents on marketing…not my forte, but I am a customer! 🙂

8 07 2014

That’s a bugaboo for me as well. First of all, using a personal page for a business is a violation of the Facebook terms and they will shut you down. I’ve encountered a lot of people that do that, and have warned them to no avail.

Thanks for the two cents!!

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