Glance Links – August 2013

8 08 2013


Just some stuff that caught my eye recently, and might help you in your marketing efforts!  If you have any that you would like to pass on to me… hit me up!

CTA-Guide-CoverCall To Action Guide For EMail Marketing – Great stuff from the beautiful people at AWeber. Make your “call to action” eye-grabbing and attention-snatching, and position it perfectly… then sit back and watch the responses roll in!  PDF Download…

Social Media Image Sizing Cheat Sheet – Recent changes to Facebook pages, Twitter headers, YouTube channels and other social sites has made it difficult to get the size of your images just right. Bookmark this page, and the next time you’re about to post a picture or change your profile image, refer to this handy cheat sheet.

26 Social Stats From 2013 You Should Know –  I find myself explaining why social marketing is important to a business. I do this a lot. Here are some great, current tidbits to make your argument… or your next presentation!

3 Copywriting Mistakes Hurting Your Business (and How to Fix Them) – Make your website work harder by correcting these three common copywriting mistakes. If you are like me, writing doesn’t come without a certain amount of agita… so anything helps! This article will certainly correct some mistakes.

One more thing… does anyone else find it interesting that the word “copywriting” gets flagged in some SpellCheck programs?  Anyway… I hope these items are helpful!  Love to discuss…  JL




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8 08 2013
Harry hallman

It’s always interesting to me, John, that we rarely see the publication of any substantial positive results (mainly increased income) when people talk about social media. Now, you know I believe in the value of social media and have been practicing the current technical iteration of it for many years. That being said, most small or medium businesses will not see an appreciable increase in sales from social media. Or at least an increase they can directly attribute to Social media. There are, however, other benefits including increased branding, which can lead to untraceable sales, better SEO also not traceable to actual sales, but still valuable and the possibilities of using social media to gather information about your market. The information about how many Pinterest accounts there are is less valuable. I would advertise on a social media site that had 1000 members if I was assured that 10 percent of them would buy something.

8 08 2013

I put it more simply… the purpose of social – and any marketing – should be to drive people to your website so you can engage them in a more meaningful way. All of this traffic can be tracked through analytics, but tracking dollar results is different in every organization.

Social is just another arrow in the quiver, a way of making you more credible to your customer. Not measurable, but no less important. Increased engagement leads to more sales, that is certain.

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