Where Have You Gone, Lydia Limpet?

14 05 2013

bookworm2I wish I had more time, energy and the inclination to read.

I’ve been fortunate in recent years to meet and get to know some – in my opinion – terrific local authors.  In talking to them I see how much they pour their hearts and souls into every story, every word.  The creative process is astounding to me, and I admire them all for sharing their gifts.

There is nothing like completely immersing oneself in a good book or story.  I get that committed to reading only in short spurts, mostly in the summer.  I assumed that when I got an iPad a couple of years ago I would read more, once I got used to not holding a bound book in my hand.  I embraced the technology, but it didn’t increase my reading.

I recently joined Goodreads, a mobile app community where your online friends can rub it in your face that they are reading many more books than you, and the ones they are reading are much more serious and mature.  But I’m not bitter!!  Like I’m sure everyone did, I listed all of the books that I’ve read that would help people find me oh so fascinating.  I also listed a few glimpses into my silly soul, like “Captain Underpants and the Perilous Plot of Professor Poopy Pants” – check it!  But Goodreads is a neat little thang that I had hoped would motivate me to read more.  Alas, not so much…

I must point out, dear reader, that there are so many distractions these days for me… work, family, friends old and new, soccer games anywhere, bike riding, the previously mentioned iPad, Facebook, Twitter, OMG Instagram, “Big Bang Theory”, CNN, my dog Stan, more work…  Wait!  Is “Wipeout” on TV tonight???  When this list started to form in my mind it was, again, much more serious and mature.

Guess I have to make a effort to read more.  Set aside the time.  Give it the old college try.  And not just because my reasons/excuses for not reading are shit.  But because reading is good for the soul, even one as silly as mine.

UPDATE:  The previously mentioned author friends of mine are Jonathan Mayberry and Dennis Tafoya.  Both dark, troubled men… Check them out!




One response

15 05 2013

I feel your pain. I’m stuck in the middle of at least two novels…both of which are YA. If I can’t make it through those, how can I make it through “real” books? Add to that reading Harry Potter with the boy…I have no attention span for anything else. C’mon, summer!

PS—I’m really just commenting because I know how warm and fuzzy it is to see blog comments. 🙂

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