… I’m Sticking To It!

6 05 2013

photoBicycle rides usually clear my head.  When I jumped on the bike this afternoon, the idea of a blog surfaced in my head for the thousandth time.  “Might be a perfect thing to do on a Sunday evening”, I said to myself.  But just getting started – with anything – has always been most difficult for me, personally and professionally.  Certain friends will want to insert a joke here – please go directly to the comment section below.  But once I get started there is usually no stopping me.

So here I sit… Hopefully this process will get easier as time goes by.

Many people… Okay, two people… have suggested that I should blog.  Not just because I’m funny, smart, creative, and have a point to make to this crazy mixed up world.  These are all valid reasons, of course.  As a marketing professional I get that blogging will give me a credible online presence.  It will increase my Googleability.  And that is a word.  Google it.

So I’m going to make this first blog an easy one… no rants, stands, opinions, essays, controversies or outrageousness – at least for now!  This is my “strategy”… When the mood strikes me I will wax poetically about me and my thangs.  Subjects may include professional stuff I know, like email marketing and social media.  Maybe I’ll write about my love of the beautiful game – I’m a Red Devil, a proud SoB, and an American Outlaw.  As I get more comfortable I may tackle issues of the day and my extremely slow journey from conservative to liberal.  Perhaps I should issue some advance apologies to my family and friends for personal stories I may reference.  Most of all, I’ll be honest.  Otherwise, what’s the point?

I’m not sure why Google or any of you will be interested in my ramblings, so I shall write for myself and let the chips fall where they may.  I’m hoping it will be therapeutic, and maybe get some interesting conversations going.  I’m a proud American, but also an Irishman who loves me some good craic.  Feel free to Google that one too.

So that’s my story, and…




4 responses

11 05 2013
Rose Marie

Keep on writing and it Will get easier. Before you know it; you will have a recorder handy at all times because you won’t be able to keep up with your thoughts! I enjoy blogging and wish I had a bigger audience. I hope you have luck with yours! I am, however, writing that ‘book’ you suggested as well as many others!
Looking forward to more reads!

6 05 2013

Gotta have something to do when The Walking Dead is on hiatus…

6 05 2013
Carolyn Dombrowski

Great start, I look forward to more!

6 05 2013
Trish Z (PattyZ)

I second Carolyn

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